About Me


My name is Mikki Davis, a.k.a. MITHEAL, and I’m a black design artist currently based in Grand Rapids, MI.

I studied at Kendall College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in Digital Art and Design.

Connect with me! Please send all business inquiries to pk.mitheal@gmail.com



I primarily and interchangeably work in Procreate, Paint Tool SAI, Aseprite, and Adobe Creative Suite, with an iPad Air 3, Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, and HP Victus Laptop.

Past Experience

I am a freelance artist and have worked independently on commission for over 50 private clients, both new and returning, since 2016.


My expertise is character design with a focus on color and diversity, but I am also well versed in concept and story art and illustration. I have intermediate experience in animation, as well as 3D character design and pixel art.

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